The Horses of the Gods are Mike Ballard and Matty Bane, a folk duo from the west of England. Since the release of their first EP Rough Musicking in 2005 on Woven Wheat Whispers, they have been writing songs and developing their style of music and continue to be drawn to the eerie and uncanny qualities of the landscape.

Their debut album, We Wish You Health was released on 31/10/2020.

The everlasting wheel keeps turning. A resounding note to awaken a root that lies dormant in a clod of earth.
A haunting voice from ancestors who speak through song. Rekindle the spirit of ancient voices.
The drone is like an iron rod that strikes the earth and vibrates to the pulse, deep within the earth beneath. Tap the drone and you sample the rhythm of the universe and listen as melody sways like the branches of the yew.
Then you know The Horses of the Gods have begun to sound . . .

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Weaving wild wyrd tales from the West of England, blending drone folk and experimental soundscapes. Come join us through eerie landscapes and listen to our debut album, We Wish You Health.


Wild wyrd music blending drone folk & experimental soundscapes. Come Join us!