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Village field recording and a pint in Wellow/Stoney Littleton Longbarrow

A quick visit to Stoney Littleton Long Barrow, then capturing some found sounds and village atmosphere and then on for a pint at the Fox and Badger

Our approach to coming up with ideas has always been like this. A drive out of the city somewhere, usually somewhere with a bit of history or some kind of folklore attached to it. If we can bring in some regional unexplained tales pertinent to our outings then so much the better.

Nothing specific was planned for our visit to Wellow, a small village just outside of Bath, which was amongst other things famous for the fact that Peter Blake, pop artist and designer of the Sgt Pepper album cover had lived there having entertained the Beatles there after converting the former railway station into a dwelling with a sunken garden where the tracks once were.

Its also where Peter Blake and Jann Haworth founded with other artists the Brotherhood of Ruralists, a figurative British art movement with an interest in reviving traditional skills.

As it gets dark pretty early at this time of year, there isn’t a lot to see from our field recording footage, but it was certainly atmospheric. This village has a great deal of history. Its got a multi-chambered long barrow close by at Stoney Littleton.

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