The Horses of the Gods are Mike Ballard and Matty Bane

We write or find songs from sources that speak of our ancient past along with the musical influences of those who came to these isles. Linking to ancestors through song reminds us of their hardships but we can learn much from their connection to the earth.
But we are also looking forward. We want to tell new stories that affect our lives now and what may yet come to be. In this sense we are a band that looks towards the future, to take folk into new directions.

We play folk music using whatever is to hand and try not to rely too much on electrics, besides its more fun to experiment with acoustic and atmospheric effects but who knows where it will take us.
We look to the strange south west for inspiration but sometimes we travel further afield.

“A Rough Musicking” was as much a description of our style as a reference to the ancient practice of musically terrorising villagers. It was our entrance into the folk world.


For those of you who may be interested our version of John Barleycorn comes from a Peter Kennedy collection. We hope you like our own interpretation of it.

Down in the bay
This is the tale of poor Elijah who drowned at sea off the Devon coast. Not much is known about him so if anyone has any more information about him, we’d be interested to know.

The Digger song, we were inspired by the Leon Rosselson version of Gerrard Winstanley’s rebel anthem, our version isn’t much different but we have given it a more processional feel.

The Thing and I

Haven’t you got a Thing and I on your shoulder?

We are currently in the middle of recording an album of new material. It will be available soon. Watch this space.