The Levels – Overlook Films

The Levels

Tonight we are out and about again. This time to watch a new film called “The Levels” by Overlook Films. It looks pretty interesting and some of our songs are rumoured to feature in it.

So the website about the film suggests,

“The Levels is a contemporary crime drama; a tale of love and the search for redemption set against the haunting landscape of the Somerset Levels.

When Michael Beck is released from prison, after a long sentence for armed robbery, he returns to his small rural community hoping to start a new life and looking to make amends for past wrongs with his father and with Madeleine, his former lover.

His past starts to catch up with him as his old partners try to persuade him to rejoin them in their life of crime. Michael tries to escape his past but events beyond his control slowly draw him towards an unavoidable confrontation.

By blending the modern crime drama with the Somerset landscape, The Levels pays homage to the mythology of the American West in a uniquely British folk tale.”

It certainly looks promising, hopefully we will be able to tell you a little more tomorrow.

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